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Who we are ...

One Village Planet is a global thinking, village-acting environmental, educational, and humanitarian organization.  We locate villages in need of assistance and facilitate self help projects that result in improving their quality of life. Our function is to plant the seed of empowerment, find information, and provide starting capital. We are a conduit of information, education and assistance. We believe in the harmonious connection of all humankind, to each other and to the earth. We believe that if one person or group of people suffers then all humankind suffers.  

We are currently focused on Africa and the Caribbean, primarily in the countries of Ghana and Haiti.

Agogo, Ghana

For the past several years, One Village Planet has been supporting reforestation programs in Agogo, Ghana.  In conjunction with Nana Akouko Sarpong, Paramount Chief of the Traditional Area of Agogo, Ashanti, Ghana, we are providing funding and resources to the “Agogohene Foundation for Reforestation in Ghana”, a nonprofit organization founded by Nana Sarpong to protect, preserve and replenish the African rain forest.  Citrix Systems has been one of our sponsor’s of this reforestation effort and to that end has created the Citrix Sanctuary, a protected area of nearly 3,000 hectares used for the growth and preservation of various tree species in Agogo.

To view a video about the inspiring work One Village Planet is doing in Agogo, Ghana, click here

Cap Haitien, Haiti

One Village Planet operates in Haiti through our sister organization Village Planete. We are a nationally recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) organized under the Laws of the Republic of Haiti.

Out main office is in Cap Haitien with satellite facilities in Cagnette, Camp Louise, Derac, Petit Anise, Labadee and Fort Liberte. Village Planete currently conducts the only coastal mangrove reforestation projects in the entire Republic of Haiti. One Village Planet and Village Planete are twin organizations each operating under the laws and regulations of their respective nations.

Why Haiti?

Haiti is the neediest country in this hemisphere.  Per capita income is about $200.00 US.  Unemployment is high.  Less than 50 % of people are literate.  The average life span is 49 years.  Infant mortality is the highest of the hemisphere and potable water availability is among the lowest in the world.  Original forests are 99% eliminated.  No where in this hemisphere is the environment and the state of human dignity more at risk than in Haiti.  Our goal is to mobilize Haitian villagers to unite for the protection and restoration of their own natural resources.  We promote education and volunteerism.  While Haiti has a rich legacy of community volunteerism, no contemporary activity occurs due to the recent cycle of political and economic crises.



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